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Jeanna, Alex & Nell.
I can turn your scattered digital memories into beautifully edited, authentic video montages. With attention to detail and an eye for emotion, I'll edit your raw footage and photos into a meaningful video that crystallizes a period of time in your child's life and that you can look back on again and again.​​​​​​​
"What can I do with all these photos and videos that I've taken with my phone?"
If you're anything like my wife or me, you've got countless photos and videos of your little ones sitting on your phone.  It's always fun to scroll down memory lane, but what if you could turn those moments into something even more special?
When my daughter Nell turned 1, I put together a short video that showed her entire first year with us, weaving together music and images captured over those 12 months.  The result was a time capsule of sorts that we can watch at any time, to remind ourselves of the start of our journey as a family.
Now I create Nell's "Birthday Video" every year and it has become one of our favorite traditions every March 15th.  And it dawned on me that I could provide that same type of joy to other families.
Sample: Nell's 3rd Birthday Video
How much does it cost?
A custom "home movie" starts at $375 for a 2-4 minute finished video.  Requests beyond this scope can happily be considered and would require a custom quote.
How many pictures and videos do you need?
There's no exact science here, but for a 2-4 minute video, I need between 80-125 pieces of media.  Too few, and we won't be able to tell a complete story and convey the movement of time.  Too many, and we won't be able to spend enough time on any particular moment.
Can I choose the music?
If you're planning to share your video publicly (on social media for example), the music has to be licensed.  We can discuss a genre or vibe that fits your child and family and I will select from my music library (included in the cost of your video).  I am also happy to provide a few options for you to listen to and choose from.
How do I send you my videos & photos?
I can invite you to a private shared album for your project either via iOS or Google Photos, or I can send you a private Google Drive link, where you can upload your media files.  If you use a different file sharing service that I can access, that's fine too!
What do I get?
Upon completion of your video, I'll send you a link to download a high resolution MP4 video file.
Fill out the form below to get started!
Thanks for your interest, I'll get back to you shortly with next steps.
The editing project for Nell's first birthday video.
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